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Posted on Nov 10, 2015 in Hardwood, Tips

How to Remove Heel Marks from Hardwood Floors

remove heel marks

As obnoxious as it is to see the tiniest scuff on your hardwood, there are a lot of easy solutions to help remove heel marks from hardwood floors. Even the infamous high heeled scratches that always seem to find their way on your floor can be fixed. Before you grab an acidic or high polluted chemical solution that could potentially damage your floor for good, use these tips to rub out the scuffs and help keep your hardwood from getting ruined even further.

Erasers Remove Heel Marks Like a Charm

For tiny marks, start with an eraser, rub slowly in circular motions but with a firm pressure. Make sure to clean the eraser shavings from the ground as those can stain some polish if they are ground in.

Fight Rubber Marks with Rubber

The marks that are a little larger can be removed with the help of a rubber sole, typically of a tennis shoe, place your foot in the shoe and use the same technique. The material of the rubber should wipe it away.

Tennis Balls Have More Than One Purpose

There’s a reason you frequently see custodians rubbing tennis balls on tiled floors of buildings. Lucky for you this is clearly not an expensive technique and can be done to your floor at home too. For the streaks that are much larger, cut a ‘X’ into a tennis ball and take the end of a broom or cane and place inside the tennis ball. Rub the scuff marks out that way and see the results.

Now, feel free to rock those heels.  Just remember these easy tips on how to remove heel marks that might be there.

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