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Posted on May 9, 2017 in Featured, Tips

5 Things People With Clean Houses Do Every Day

Ever wonder what people with clean houses do every day? Let’s take a look at some of the daily tasks people with clean houses might do every day of the week.

clean houses

1. Make Beds
Before you leave the house in the morning make your bed. It takes about 2 minutes for this simple little task to improve the quality and cleanliness of your room. This simple act creates a sense of order in your bedroom and sets your day off on a productive note that’s likely to carry through.

2. Empty the Dishwasher in the Morning
Get the dishwasher emptied and ready to go for the day. You do not want dishes piling up in the kitchen sink to create a messy look in the house! Doing this in the morning lays the groundwork for an easy dinner cleanup at night.

3. Do a Load of Laundry Every Day
Washing clothes on a regular schedule keeps the dirty pile from becoming overwhelming. Those with big families prefer doing it every morning, but if you live alone, doing laundry a couple of predetermined days a week should suffice. Yet again, it becomes an easy routine to follow if done consistently.

4. Use Baskets to Organize Things
When there’s a place for everything to go, it’s easier to keep everything in its place. Scatter cute baskets throughout the house to corral your things, and add shelves to hold the big pieces in order to make your house look comfy and organized!

5. Don’t Procrastinate
It is easy just to say “oh I will do that later.” Chances are, you won’t do it later. Things that you have to do that you have saved for “later” will just keep piling up, so don’t procrastinate! Just get it done and out of the way to have those little things off your mind, and let your day go a little bit smoother.

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