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Carpet Padding Types: Everything You Need to Know About Carpet’s Hidden Teammate

Posted by on Jul 9, 2018 in Carpet, Featured, Tips | Comments Off on Carpet Padding Types: Everything You Need to Know About Carpet’s Hidden Teammate

While a lot of carpet’s comfort is provided by its fibers, carpet padding adds the cushion that your feet feel when walking on your flooring. Want to learn all about the different carpet padding types? We’re here to help familiarize you with padding.

carpet padding types

What is Carpet Padding Used For?

Carpet may give your home a warm and soft touch, but ensuring its longevity requires extra support. Having padding for your carpet helps: provide additional carpet, help protect the floors beneath your carpet, and extend your carpet’s longevity.

Provide Additional Comfort

The fibers on your carpet already provide a soft texture, but having the proper padding can make it even softer to walk on. The thicker the padding, the more cushion for your feet.

Help Protect Floors Beneath Your Carpet

Those soft fibers you love so much can be a trap for dirt, crumbs, and spills. This doesn’t just mean a dirty carpet, but soiling can leak from your carpet to the flooring beneath the surface. This can lead to scratches, moisture, and even mold on the subfloor. Having padding as an underlayment under your carpet can help prevent long-term damage, which can affect the overall quality of your flooring.

Extend Your Carpet’s Longevity

As much as you want to protect your carpet, life happens. Juice spills, heavy traffic, and mud stains may all appear on your carpet no matter how hard you try to prevent it. That doesn’t mean you can’t take the proper precautions. Not only can padding absorb the pressure your feet put on your carpet’s fibers, it can also absorb those inevitable spills.

Choosing What Carpet Padding Types are Right for You

Carpet padding comes in a variety of sizes, materials, and densities. Choosing between carpet padding types may get a bit confusing, but we’re here to help. Think of these things to help make your choice easier.

Carpet Type

Not all carpets have the same padding. Low profile carpets, such as berber, need a thinner padding. It may seem like thicker padding can make up for its not-so-fluffy construction, but because of its think loops, a thinner padding will make a sturdier option. When it comes to indoor-outdoor carpet, padding isn’t required.


Where will your carpet be located and what function does that room serve? Is it for your bedroom, where you and your spouse will be the only foot traffic? Is it for the living room where you host guests and your family spends most of its time? Because padding can help your carpet absorb pressure from foot traffic, choosing its density and thickness can be decided based on how much pressure it’ll have to endure.


If you have kids or pets, you may want extra protection. Standard padding may help cushion your flooring and protect it from damage from traffic. However, getting padding with a moisture barrier can help with common spills and even pet accidents.

Get Comfort and Protection with Empire Today’s Quality Padding

When you choose Empire Today, our carpet and foam padding are a packaged deal. In addition to our standard padding, we offer a variety of carpet cushions that are fit for your comfort and protection needs.

Plush, Frieze, and Pattern Carpet Padding

Super 6 – 6 lb density and 7/16” thickness

Vegas – 7 lb density and 7/16 thickness. This comes with a moisture barrier and PUP protection.

Masterbond – 8 lb density and 1/2” thick. This padding may not come with a moisture barrier or Pet Urine Protection (PUP), but it adds that extra comfort for your feet.


Berber Carpet Padding

Magnum – 8 lb and ¼” thick

In addition to adding comfort and protection from moisture, Empire Today’s padding has various beneficial features:

• Extends the life of carpet and makes it more comfortable
• Breathe Easy: Hypoallergenic and Green Label-certified for superior indoor and outdoor air quality
• Infinitely Green: 100% recycled construction, 100% recyclable, and contributes toward satisfying LEED® building credits
• Reduces impact noise to help make homes quieter
• Includes “Life of the Carpet” Warranty
• Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Understanding carpet padding and choosing the right one is simple. Your lifestyle, carpet type, and your carpet’s functionality all influence what type of carpet padding you get. Schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate so one of our flooring professionals can help you decide which of the carpet padding types is right for your home.

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5 Summer Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

Posted by on Jul 3, 2018 in Design, Featured, Fun | Comments Off on 5 Summer Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

It’s finally summer! Don’t just have fun in the sun. Add some fun décor inside your home. From flowers to flooring, these summer decor ideas are sure to help give your home a fresh look for this vibrant season.

summer decor ideas


Nothing says summer like colorful flowers. Adding floral arrangements is an easy way to give your home a summer touch. Not only does it add style, but creates a welcoming essence. If you’re using flowers that aren’t rooted in a soil, they may eventually die out. Don’t let that scare you! Use this as an opportunity to switch things up and bring in new flowers to create another fun arrangement.

Indoor-Outdoor Carpet

Summer is the season of barbecues, pool parties, and other fun outdoor gatherings. If you love the comfort carpet adds inside your home, why not bring it outdoors? Indoor-outdoor carpet, like Empire’s Courtyard, can help you elevate your porch or den decor so you can wow guests beyond tasty barbeque.

Bold Colors

We can’t discuss summer decor ideas without mentioning color. Summer is known for vibrancy. Adding bold colors to your home is a perfect way to celebrate the season. You don’t have to go big. Something as simple as an accent pillow or vase can make your home feel especially summery.

Outdoor Lights

Because summer means more time spent outside, you may want to add decor to your backyard. Outdoor lights are a fun and stylish way to not only give your backyard a welcoming and laidback aesthetic, but help you and your guests see while you entertain them at night.

Summer Wreaths

Door wreaths can set the tone for your home decor before your guests even enter your home. We all know first impressions count, so make your door wreath something that’ll stand out. Going with flowers is a common choice but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Adding fruits like lemons or oranges can set a refreshing tone for your home.

Adding fresh decor to your home for this season doesn’t have to be hard! Whether its flowers, wreaths, or outdoor lights, these summer decor ideas are a quick, stress-free way to update your home. If you want to go even further, you can always switch up your flooring with the latest summer trend. Schedule a FREE In-Home Appointment to have a flooring professional show you a few summer flooring samples.

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5 Things to Consider to Make Floor Remodeling Easier

Posted by on Jul 2, 2018 in Design, Featured, Flooring | Comments Off on 5 Things to Consider to Make Floor Remodeling Easier

Getting beautiful new floors is a great way to update your home with a new look. However, a lot of thought goes into getting the perfect end result. Here are a few key things you should consider to make your floor remodeling process go as smooth as possible.

make floor remodeling easier

1. Climate at Home

Climate can have a dramatic effect on your flooring and home. Floors such as hardwood and laminate can buckle and warp when faced with high humidity. Consider a porcelain tile wood look or vinyl plank, if you live in an especially humid climate.

Because tile naturally has a cold touch, it may not be a great option if your home is in an area with cold temperature. Consider carpet to add a warm touch to your home.

2. What Rooms Need Remodeling?

Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen, each room in your home has a unique function. Bathrooms and kitchens are high-moisture spaces and you will need flooring that won’t buckle or warp when faced with water. Your bedroom is a place to relax, you might want soft carpet for comfort.

In addition to knowing your room’s personality and needs, think about what function your room will serve. A family room with high foot traffic calls for something more durable.

3. What’s Your Lifestyle?

Your lifestyle is another important factor before you begin floor remodeling. Kids and pets make a difference in the type of flooring you choose. Consider your hobbies and daily activities as well. Do you host parties? Cycle? Run? It will be easy for your floors to get dirty from guests or mud you’ve tracked in your home. Having stain- and scratch-resistant flooring will make your life much easier.

4. Different Types of Floor Remodeling

After considering climate, rooms, and your general lifestyle, you need to figure out which floor is right for your home. While this can be a fun and exciting step, make sure you weigh your options with the long-term benefits in mind. Hardwood may have a timeless look, but it can still be damaged if it is exposed to moisture. You may want to opt for waterproof flooring like vinyl plank or laminate to achieve a realistic wood look.

If you were thinking of carpet but are hesitant because you may have pets or allergies, don’t cross it off your list just yet. Instead aim for carpet that is specially made for your lifestyle, like the hypoallergenic and odor-reducing HOME Fresh carpet available at Empire.

5.  Floor Remodeling with Existing Décor

Flooring plays an important part in your home décor. The best flooring choice blends into your existing décor, creating a continuous look. If you have modern furniture, you may want to opt for a modern trend, such as wide planks. If you have a more traditional décor, traditional floors tend to be a better match.

You also want to consider neutral colors. A nice grey or greige floor can blend in easily with your décor’s color scheme.

In the end, floor remodeling should be easy. The climate, room, lifestyle, floor type, and even existing décor all play important roles in making the right floor choice for your home. For even more insight into choosing the right floors, Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate to speak with one of our knowledgeable flooring professionals.

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What is a Subfloor? The Foundation Beneath the Beauty

Posted by on Jun 25, 2018 in Featured, Flooring, Tips | Comments Off on What is a Subfloor? The Foundation Beneath the Beauty

If someone asks you “What kind of flooring do you want?” the first thing that may come to mind is wood look vs. carpet. Instead, you should be asking yourself, “What’s beneath the surface?” Hardwood, vinyl, tile, and carpet may be the only thing your family and guests see, but where there’s beauty, there’s a subfloor providing support. What is a subfloor? Let’s find out.

what is a subfloor

Layers of Flooring

Flooring is made up of several layers, beginning with the joists below, the subfloor and underlayment in the middle, and the surface at the top.


Joists are the first, lowest layer of flooring and support everything above. Every floor has joists, except for concrete. Joists are typically made of engineered wood, laminated wood, or dimensional lumber.


The subfloor is the next layer above the joists and acts as a foundation for both the underlayment and surface levels of flooring. A subfloor provides a stable, level surface that new flooring can be easily installed on. Subfloor not only makes it easier for installers to lay new carpeting, laminate, hardwood, vinyl or tile, but it also makes your floors smoother to walk on.


Underlayment is the third layer, residing just above the subfloor. While a subfloor provides structural support, the underlayment serves as a sound barrier and can protect your flooring from moisture and heat. For carpet, underlayment is used as the extra layer of comfort and can be used as a barrier for topical moisture. The only hard surface floor requiring underlayment is laminate. Underlayment can help protect laminate from moisture that may rise from below.


This is the top layer that is visible. It doesn’t hold a structural purpose, but should still be chosen wisely based on your lifestyle and how the room is used. If you are expecting high-traffic or have pets and/or kids, it’s best to get flooring that is highly durable.

what is a subfloor

Different Types of Subfloors

Subfloors vary in material, which often determines what type of flooring is ultimately installed in your home.


Plywood consists of sheets of wood veneer that are glued together with an adhesive. In addition to being flat and strong, it’s generally affordable, making it a popular choice for subfloors in residential homes.

Oriented Strand Board

Competing in popularity with plywood is oriented strand board (OSB). OSB is fabricated with large pieces of chipped wood that are glued and pressed together.  Although both can make great subfloors, they both have pros and cons. OSB compacts several layers into one sheet, providing a denser and more consistent structure than plywood. And, while OSB may not absorb as much moisture as plywood, plywood often dries out faster. That means moisture lingers longer in OSB and can cause damage. It’s best to weigh your options and do the proper research to see if OSB subfloor is right for your home.


Particleboard subfloor isn’t as strong as plywood or OSB. Instead, particleboard is made from smaller chips that can be compared to sawdust. Because of its weak structure, particleboard isn’t used as subfloors as much, especially in moisture-prone rooms.


Concrete is mostly found in high rises and condos, but is commonly found in basements and bathrooms of houses as well. Concrete subfloors are much stronger than particleboard, but should still be inspected for cracks and other imperfections to ensure a smooth installation of your surface flooring.

How to Identify a Damaged Subfloor

Years of wear and tear, especially from moisture, can have unintended effects on your subfloors. How can you tell a subfloor is damaged? Some signs include:

  • Squeaking sound when you walk on your floors. This sound may be common if you have older wood floors. The problem arises when you haven’t heard this noise before. This means the noise may be beyond the surface and may be a sign of a damaged subfloor.
  • Sagging floors. If sagging is visible, or you feel it when you walk across your floors, this is a sure sign that your subfloor has worn out its welcome.
  • Foul Smell. Not every subfloor has visible signs of damage. Sometimes, you can detect subfloor problems by strange, unpleasant smells (often from mold accumulating in damaged areas).

If any of your subfloors are damaged, you may need to have another layer of subfloor installed on top of it. This can be the same material as the original, or maybe even something with a better structure. For instance, if you have a damaged particleboard, adding a layer of plywood above may be an option to consider before choosing new flooring.

How Subfloors Can Make a Difference

Knowing the state of subfloor is a necessity. Providing a smooth, stable surface, subfloors are the structural base for your flooring. After all, a floor is only as nice as its foundation. The aesthetics play an important part of completing your home’s décor, but the subfloor is the most important factor in making sure your floors stay beautiful for a long time.

Subfloor issues can’t be diagnosed by you alone. An inspection or conversation with a flooring professional is highly recommended. Once again, you really can’t make an informed decision on a new flooring style until you know the status of the subfloors beneath.  Schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate today and ask a flooring professional about your options.

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Modernize Your Home with Affordable Flooring

Posted by on Jun 20, 2018 in Design, Featured, Tips | Comments Off on Modernize Your Home with Affordable Flooring

Home is where the heart is, and it’s also where your style is. If you want to demonstrate your unique personal style, décor can make all the difference. But how much does it all cost? Whether you prefer tradition or following the latest trends, affordable flooring is not as hard to find as you think. Here’s where to start.

affordable flooring


Get a Realistic Wood Look without the Cost of Hardwood

While carpet is still a favorite for some, hard surfaces have been the new wave, especially wood looks. Hardwood is a timeless and classic choice, but there are other affordable flooring options that can basically give your home the same look.

Laminate Wood

Laminate has a realistic hardwood look and texture. It’s made with pressed wood, helping it resist scratches, stains, wear and tear, and fading from sunlight. Empire’s Main Gate laminate combines a modern wood style with easy maintenance and durability.

main gate laminate

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank has taken the wood-look trend by storm! Like laminate, it can resist scratches and stains, but it is also slip-resistant. Vinyl is a more affordable flooring choice than hardwood, plus you can enjoy a realistic look and texture. Check out Empire’s Studio Reserve to see the true benefits of having vinyl plank in your home.

studio reserve vinyl plank

Porcelain Tile

When you think of wood looks, tile may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, you can get realistic wood looks that are just as resistant to moisture and mold as other tile styles while being more affordable than real hardwood. And don’t think tile should be restricted to rooms with moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen. It can be functional and stylish throughout your home. Our Forest Lane porcelain tile series will not only wow your guests with its modern and natural wood look, it can easily coordinate with your existing home décor.

forest lane porcelain tile


Modern Trends for Wood Looks

Having a wood look can modernize your home, but what kind of wood looks are in style? The bigger question is can you get affordable flooring that has these styles? Yes, you can! Here are a few trends you can use to modernize your home at a lower cost than hardwood.

Add Space to the Room with Wide Planks

If you have a small room, it’s time to go big with your planks. Not only can wide planks give your home an authentic feel, they can also create the illusion of a bigger space.

south gate laminate

Get a More Natural Look with Reclaimed Wood

Whether people have chosen reclaimed wood for its eco-friendly consciousness or its unique character, there’s no denying that reclaimed wood can give your home a natural and warm feel. Finding affordable reclaimed hardwood alternatives is easier than you think.

canal pier vinyl tile


Bring a Sophisticated Touch with a Matte Finish

Glossy finishes are still in style but matte and satin are increasingly popular finishes. Not only does a matte finish give a sophisticated touch to your home, it makes it easier to maintain a polished look. Dents, scratches, and dust don’t appear as easily as they do with glossy finishes. Easy maintenance and style create a perfect combination for functional flooring.

forest lane porcelain tile

Get Distinctive Flooring with Pattern Carpet

Carpet is a still a classic and practical choice for your home. With its soft and warm touch, it’s a perfect way to add comfort to your home while still being stylish. A trending style is pattern carpet. Constructed with a variation of cut and looped fibers, it has a distinct pattern that can give your home a modern flair. Empire Today’s Connect the Dots  pattern carpet is a budget-friendly choice for soft and stylish flooring.

connect the dots pattern carpet

Choose Trending Tones

Whether you go with carpet or a hard surface, the tone of your flooring can make all the difference. Neutral tones have taken the forefront due to their ability to match existing décor and easily transition from different rooms. However, there are other tones you can get with affordable flooring that are just as modern.

Neutrals: Grey and Greige

A color everyone seems to love lately is grey, and it’s here for the long run. Luckily, it’s offered with most affordable flooring. Greige is another neutral “must have.” A mix between grey and beige, this tone makes it easy to coordinate your flooring with other décor and gives your home a modern touch.

echo canyon pattern carpet

Dark and Cool Tones

Dark floors give a chic and edgy look in your home, but can be a bit harder to maintain due to them easily showing imperfections such as dust. However, cool tones are great for those that want a chic style with easier maintenance.

accents laminate

At the end of the day, you can still modernize your home if you’re on a tight budget! The new trends aren’t exclusive to big budgets, it’s all about knowing the alternatives to the look that may be too expensive. You can start updating your home with Empire Today. Schedule a Free In-Home Appointment to start shopping for modern, yet affordable flooring for your home.

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Should You Consider Tiles for Living Room Floors?

Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Featured, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Tile | Comments Off on Should You Consider Tiles for Living Room Floors?

The first room that comes to mind when you hear “tile floors” may be a bathroom, kitchen or even the laundry room. Because of a built-in resistance against moisture, tile is often the preferred choice for these rooms. But have you considered tiles for living room flooring? Your family spends a lot of time in the living room, you should always have décor that’s not only stylish but functional everyday. Here’s why tiles for living rooms are a great idea for your home.

tiles for living room (more…)

Getting Kitchen Floor Tiles to Enhance Your Home

Posted by on May 14, 2018 in Featured, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Tile, Tips | Comments Off on Getting Kitchen Floor Tiles to Enhance Your Home

When remodeling your home, every detail matters. The blinds and shades, furniture, and, most importantly, flooring are all big factors that can make a difference in your home. One of the common rooms people choose to transform is the kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen floor tiles can not only elevate the kitchen itself but your home in general. Learn what you should consider when choosing tile and what styles are available to help you transform this special room.

kitchen floor tiles to enhance your home (more…)

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Floor Tiles for Your Home

Posted by on May 9, 2018 in Featured, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Tile | Comments Off on How to Choose the Right Bathroom Floor Tiles for Your Home

Your bathroom is more than just a room. It’s a place where you can escape with a relaxing bubble bath, a judgment-free zone for you to sing as loud as you’d like, or maybe it’s where your kids will first learn to grow out of diapers. Whatever your bathroom means to you, it’s important to take proper care of this sanctuary and choosing the right bathroom floor tiles is a big component. Never fear, Empire is here to help you pick the right flooring for you and your family.

choosing bathroom floor tiles (more…)

HOME Fresh: The World’s First Hypoallergenic and Odor-Reducing Carpet

Posted by on May 1, 2018 in Tips, Videos | Comments Off on HOME Fresh: The World’s First Hypoallergenic and Odor-Reducing Carpet

Want carpet but suffer from allergies or nasal issues? Worry no more! HOME Fresh, exclusive at Empire Today, is the world’s first and only hypoallergenic carpet with odor-neutralizing technology. But, that’s not the only reason for its greatness! Watch and learn why HOME Fresh is a revolution in carpet.


Empire Man Gives A Demo to Show HOME Fresh Carpet’s Technology

Posted by on Apr 30, 2018 in Carpet, Videos | Comments Off on Empire Man Gives A Demo to Show HOME Fresh Carpet’s Technology

Not only is HOME Fresh carpet 100% hypoallergenic, its odor-neutralizing technology reduces common household odors from your home! Don’t believe us? Watch for yourself as our Empire Man takes to the streets to demonstrate its powers.


HOME Fresh: The Carpet of the Future

Posted by on Apr 30, 2018 in Carpet, Videos | Comments Off on HOME Fresh: The Carpet of the Future

The world’s first and only 100% hypoallergenic carpet with odor-neutralizing technology, HOME Fresh is a carpet like no other. Some may even say it’s the carpet of the future. Watch as our Empire Man explains how this carpet is ahead of its time.



The Revolutionary Carpet: Empire Today Introduces HOME Fresh

Posted by on Apr 30, 2018 in Carpet, Videos | Comments Off on The Revolutionary Carpet: Empire Today Introduces HOME Fresh

Carpet just got a whole lot better! We’re proud to introduce HOME Fresh, the world’s first and only 100% hypoallergenic and odor-neutralizing carpet exclusively at Empire Today. That’s right! If you have allergies or sinuses, you don’t have to necessarily scratch carpet off your home decor list. See how this revolutionary carpet can help keep your home fresh ( pun intended) and clean.


Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Is Going Green Worth the Fuss?

Posted by on Apr 19, 2018 in Carpet, Featured, Tips | Comments Off on Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Is Going Green Worth the Fuss?

“Go green”, “Save the Earth”, “Eco-friendly”. You’ve probably heard these terms a million times. With the discovered dangers of pollution and increased chatter about global warming, Americans are starting to focus on protecting the Earth and its environment. Whether it’s through recycling, composting, or hybrid cars, society is starting to find alternative ways to live that consider the condition of Mother Earth. As much as everyone likes to brag about being eco-friendly and promoting the lifestyle, there are still a large number of people who don’t know the true benefits or see a reason to switch up the way they live. Before you make the big switch, make sure you know why you’re doing it, what it means for your family, and how it affects the environment. Here are a few key points you should consider before you go green.

is the eco-friendly lifestyle worth the fuss


What Does It Mean to be Eco-Friendly?

Before we talk about making your home eco-friendly, you need to understand what it means. First, let’s discuss your carbon footprint. This determines how many greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide, you’ve put back into the environment. That can be affected by the car you drive and even the food you eat. Overall, going eco-friendly means reducing your carbon footprint and conserving resources, such as water and energy, by using products and/or practicing habits that keep the well-being of the environment in mind. How complicated can it get?

Going Green Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Being responsible for the well-being and future of an entire planet may seem like a daunting task. However, it can be really simple. You don’t have to dive into the eco-friendly lifestyle 100% or start habits that are extremely different from your current lifestyle. It all starts with the small things. If you have a recycling bin for your home, start collecting plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard. Instead of throwing your cereal box in the garbage can, opt for the blue or green bin.

You can also start by using energy-efficient LED light bulbs. They may cost a bit more than the average light bulb but it’s a simple way to start being eco-friendly and conserve energy without a major inconvenience.

Whether dealing with household bills or even just receiving your paystub, you’ve probably gotten the option to go paperless. Instead of ignoring it, say “Yes!”. Not only does going paperless means less clutter in your home, but it’s a great way to start preserving trees and the earth in general.

Going green can be simple. It’s all about finding the small and easy tasks that can make a big impact.

Eco-Friendly Benefits for Your Home

It’s a common misconception that people who go green must spend a ton of money, but, in all actuality, it can help you save money. Deciding to ride your bike or walk instead of drive means you won’t have to constantly pay for gas for your car or public transportation. It also means less maintenance payments you would typically pay for a car, such as oil changes and car washes. Energy-efficient lightbulbs may cost more than the average bulb, but they last longer and they help you save on your electric bills. That means you save money in the long run. Recycling is free, and in some areas, you can even take your recyclable items and receive money. If you’re choosing to go eco-friendly by conserving water, this means a lighter water bill for your household.

On top of saving money for your household, you get to teach your children how to be responsible and learn more about how much they affect the Earth. It even gives the family activities to do together. Setting environmental goals together and helping each other organize a plan is a great way to bond with your loved ones while making your carbon footprint smaller.

In the end, you also get a rewarding feeling from doing something to help preserve your planet. It may start with small things, but knowing you’re taking the steps to get cleaner air and, in the long run, a healthier lifestyle can be beneficial to your moral confidence.

HOME Fresh: An Eco-Friendly Carpet for the World Around You

An increasing trend in the green lifestyle is considering eco-friendly flooring. While people may focus on which wood look will be better for the environment, carpet can also be beneficial. Empire’s exclusive HOME Fresh carpet was built for the world around you. The world’s first and only hypoallergenic carpet with odor-neutralizing minerals, HOME Fresh not only benefits the environment in your home but the environment as a whole.


Constructed with 90% post-consumer recycled content, this carpet is made to help keep the planet cleaner. Its fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles! And when it is time to replace your carpet, you don’t have to worry about it affecting your carbon footprint because HOME Fresh is 100% recyclable!

In addition to being recyclable, this exclusive carpet doesn’t have latex or any Volatile Organic Compounds. Not only does this mean it’s odor free, but not having any harmful VOCs means cleaner air and a healthier household for your family and a less damaging effect on the environment.


In the end, changing your lifestyle to consider your planet doesn’t have to be hard. When you go green, remember, you can take it one step at a time. Start simple and ease your way into having an eco-friendly home. Not only, will you be helping save the planet, but it can have benefits for you and your family.

Your first step can be with HOME Fresh carpet’s Incomparable or One and Only styles, offered exclusively by Empire. Schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate now to start your eco-friendly lifestyle.



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Win $3,000 in New Floors with Empire’s 2018 Swap My Floors Contest!

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Carpet Deodorizer Does Not Remove Smells from Carpet as Well as You Think

Posted by on Apr 3, 2018 in Carpet, Featured | Comments Off on Carpet Deodorizer Does Not Remove Smells from Carpet as Well as You Think

Carpet is soft, comfortable and often means the difference between a stark room and a home-y one you spend all your time in. But carpet fibers can also be a recipe for funky smells over time, whether it be from pets, cooking, or smoke. While finding an at-home cleaner idea on Pinterest or a carpet deodorizer at the store for a quick fix is tempting, it’s not going to get rid of lingering odors for good. There’s a better way to avoid carpet smells. (more…)

Keep it Hypoallergenic: How to Reduce Household Allergens

Posted by on Mar 23, 2018 in Carpet, Featured | Comments Off on Keep it Hypoallergenic: How to Reduce Household Allergens

In addition to enhancing your home’s aesthetic, carpet has a soft touch that offers you and your family comfort. But have you thought about what lies in the world between its fibers? No, we’re not talking about common soiling. Let’s think beyond the cookie crumbs and talk about your nose’s worst enemy—household allergens!

keep it hypoallergenic how to reduce household allergens baby photo


5 Reasons You’ll Love HOME Fresh Carpet

Posted by on Mar 12, 2018 in Carpet, Featured | Comments Off on 5 Reasons You’ll Love HOME Fresh Carpet

HOME Fresh™, a whole new kind of soft flooring, is finally here. And you can only get it from Empire Today. Here are 5 things you’ll love about HOME Fresh carpet.

home fresh carpet



Visit Empire Today at a Home Show Near You

Posted by on Feb 16, 2018 in Empire Today | Comments Off on Visit Empire Today at a Home Show Near You

It’s that time of year again! Empire Today is thrilled to appear at several home shows over the next few months. Don’t be shy – we’ll be in Texas, Michigan, and Colorado to answer all your flooring-related questions! Who knows… our new spokesman may even be in attendance. Below is a full Empire Today home show roster for 2018. More dates to come. (more…)

Don’t Stress the Mess: 6 Easy Tips to Clean Vinyl Floors

Posted by on Feb 15, 2018 in Featured, Tips, Vinyl | Comments Off on Don’t Stress the Mess: 6 Easy Tips to Clean Vinyl Floors

Thousands of homeowners are opting for vinyl flooring—it’s a highly durable, budget-friendly way to get a wood or tile look in any room. But like any floor, vinyl can get dirty quickly. Here are a few tips on how to clean vinyl floors safely and make maintenance easier overall.

6 Easy Tips to Clean Vinyl Floors (more…)

Is Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners Worth It? You Might Be Surprised

Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in Carpet, Featured, Tips | Comments Off on Is Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners Worth It? You Might Be Surprised

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them just come equipped with the proper supplies to protect your carpet. Hiring professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpet every 6-12 months is the best way to avoid damaging it while maintaining its fresh look. Read 4 important reasons why it’s worth the extra care.

hiring professional carpet cleaners


Want to Protect Your Floors During Winter? Here’s How

Posted by on Jan 17, 2018 in Featured, Tips | Comments Off on Want to Protect Your Floors During Winter? Here’s How

While some of us in colder climates may be excited for the winter scenery, others are dreading the dirty slush and slippery ice. Whether you like or disdain this snowy weather, tracking it in your home can have damaging effects on your flooring. Learn how and what you should do to protect your floors during winter.

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What’s the True Difference Between Engineered Hardwood and Solid Hardwood?

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When updating floors, we often get asked the difference between engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. Although both engineered and solid hardwood offer an alluring sophistication to your home, they differ in several fundamental ways, including both construction and functionality. The needs of your family and lifestyle will help you determine which hardwood choice is right for you.

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New Year, New Looks: 2018 Flooring Trends

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As the new year approaches, we’re jumping for joy! While 2017 was an awesome year, we can’t wait to see 2018 trends and styles. Here are a few flooring trends you should consider before getting new floors next year:

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Vinyl Plank Flooring: Highly Durable Wood Looks for Less

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Homeowners seeking a wood look for their floors often receive an astronomical quote on hardwood and begin to research other options. It’s no surprise that vinyl plank flooring has exploded in popularity as a worthy alternative. Vinyl plank is one of the most durable floors, period. And it closely resembles genuine wood. Want to learn more about what sets vinyl plank flooring apart?

Highly Durable Vinyl Plank Flooring


3 Features to Look for When Choosing Bathroom Flooring

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Bathroom floors are prone to standing water, slippery surfaces, and mildew. When updating floors in your bathroom, it’s important to consider function as well as looks. Here are a few features to look for before selecting bathroom flooring.

Bathroom flooring features (more…)

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